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Eco House and Garden uses garden supplies from ANL

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eco GardenThe Kimbriki Eco House and Garden is a unique education centre dedicated to exploring how to live in a more sustainable way. Set within the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, this special area comprises an organic garden and Eco House constructed primarily from materials recovered from the Kimbriki site. The landscape and garden supplies are provided byAustralian Native Landscapes including Forest Fines® MulchGreenlife® Garden Mix, Potting MixChicken Manure and Cow Manure and plants from Sherringhams Nursery.

The Senior Eco Gardener and resident expert, Peter Rutherford, is on hand to offer advice and answer questions. The Eco House and Garden provides regular workshops, corporate training courses and group visits.


Ecological Living and Gardening
Small, positive changes made by everyday people can have a significant impact on our environment. This course provides and introduction to the basics of organic gardening, how gardens can keep people healthy, open the door to living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Ecological living and gardening

No-dig Edible Gardening
Create a beautiful and highly productive vegetable and herb garden on the ground or a garden bed, without digging; using a specific recipe of lucerne hay, straw, manures and compost. No-dig gardening is a technique developed by Australian gardening pioneer Esther Deans.

The Art of Composting and Worms
Composting and worm farming are great alternatives to disposing of your food waste in the rubbish bin while creating natural fertiliser for your garden. By recycling food scraps in a compost bin or worm farm you can help reduce organic waste disposed in landfill, in turn reducing the production of leachate and greenhouse gases from landfills. Compost and worm ‘castings’ are both ideal natural fertiliser for gardens.

Ecological living and gardening

Beginners Organic Vegie Garden
Intro to the principles of Organic Gardening and learn the basic skills to grow some of your own organic herbs and vegetables. We will set up and plant a new garden together using soil, planting, mulching, fertilizing and pest control. Food grown using natural organic methods is healthier for people, healthier for the living soil, and the environment.

Advanced Organic Vegie Gardening
Learn how to build healthy living soil, healthy plants & understand what soil is made of. Explore useful harvesting techniques and ongoing management of vegies and herbs. Learn to apply the 3 keys to your garden: compost, mulch and aerated compost teas. The ongoing success of organic gardening & farming depends on beneficial microbes which act as drivers for the entire soils and plant system.

Ecological living and gardening

School Visits
Providing school students with an exciting learning opportunity at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre and the Eco House and Garden. During the tour of Kimbriki’s waste and recycling facilities, students see huge volumes of green waste being recycled by Australian Native Landscapes and manufactured into garden supplies such as soil, potting mix, compost, soil conditioners and mulch. Students get to see the large ANL trucks, loaders, and other machinery in action.

Learning for students in the Eco House and Garden covers soil, compost, the role of worms, the importance of recycling food waste at home and at school and more. 

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