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It’s the perfect way to entice you and the kids out of the house and bring back the age of ritual. You know, sitting around a fire, toasting marshmallows and sharing ghost stories under the starry night sky.

These days, you can buy relatively inexpensive firepits, then it’s simply a matter of landscaping around it. Think gravel and sandstone with granite boulders for seating, to give the space an authentic, earthy feel. Set up a tent, light the fire and bring out the billy – you won’t even notice you’re still at home!


  • Dimension sandstone
  • Cast iron firepit bowl
  • Flat granite boulders
  • Split sandstone flagging
  • Road base
  • Hawkesbury sandstone gravel 10mm minus
  • Australian Native Plants
  • Firewood


How to build an outdoor firepit - step 1

Step 1: Position fire pit in centre of desired space, ensuring it’s a safe distance from plants and other flammable materials. Using set-out paint, mark a 2m radius around fire pit. Remove pit, then remove turf. Excavate area to 100mm.

How to build an outdoor firepit - step 2

Step 2: Put fire pit back in centre of area, then place granite boulders around inner edge of set-out paint circle. These boulders will be your seats.

How to build an outdoor firepit - step 3

Step 3: Using set-out paint and inside edges of boulders as a guide, mark another circle – the space between the 2 circles forms the seating area. Mark another circle around fire pit about 30cm from edge. Use hammer and bolster to cut dimension stone in half. Place on set-out paint around fire pit

How to build an outdoor firepit - step 4

Step 4: Position sandstone flagging randomly in seating area. Fill inside marked areas with 70mm of road base and compact by foot.

How to build an outdoor firepit - step 5

Step 5: Spread a 30mm layer of gravel over road base, using a rake and broom to spread evenly.

How to build an outdoor firepit - step 6

Step 6: Spread garden mix around seating area, plant up, mulch and water well. Hose down sandstone flagging and granite to remove dust. Put firewood in fire pit, strike a match, then relax.