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ANL offers a selection of arena, stable and service yard surfacing materials. Special blends are manufactured upon request, where your specific requirements must be met. General equestrian product information is provided below, and for additional information and advice please contact us by email or visit your nearest ANL location.

Stable Bedding

Stable Bedding

Highly absorbent, dust free fibre ideal for all stable surfacing and with a fresh pine fragrance. This superior bedding material is easily removed when preparing horses for competition, and clearly out-performs wood shavings or similar products.

Arena Toppings

Soft textured, non-abrasive and structurally sound alternative to sands and other arena surfaces. These materials present a smart and professional arena, and are suitable for all training and working areas. These products are designed for friability to reduce drag on limbs during exercising and training. Provides a low dust, highly stable, easily manicured surface. Arena toppings are available in the following colours;

Arena Gold

Clean, fresh light honey colour.

Arena Topping
Arena Blue

Dark surface, reducing glare outdoors.

Equestrian Products

Equestrian Surface Material

Service Yard Softfall

Soft, safe and secure, this graded bark product is ideally suited for service yards. Light and easy to install & replace, the product provides an appropriately supportive yet soft base for service yards or stables.