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Quarried sands, gravels and aggregates are commonly used as a drainage medium or as a base for roadways, driveways and pedestrian paths. ANL offers an extensive range of specialist sand and aggregate materials designed to be flexible, durable and suitable for all kinds of applications.

**Not all products are sold at each location. Please contact your nearest ANL for availability.
Photos for reference only. Natural products can vary from batch to batch.

  • Blue Metal 10mm

    Blue Metal 10mm

    $89.00 Tonne
  • Blue Metal 20mm

    Blue Metal 20mm

    $89.00 Tonne
  • Blue Metal 40mm

    Blue Metal 40mm

    $113.00 Tonne
  • Brick Laying Sand White

    Brick Laying Sand White

    $87.00 Tonne
  • Brick Laying Sand Yellow

    Brick Laying Sand Yellow

    $83.00 Tonne
  • Paving Blend

    Paving Blend

    $69.00 Tonne
  • Paving Crusher Dust

    Paving Crusher Dust

    $78.00 Tonne
  • River Sand

    River Sand

    $88.00 Tonne
  • Sydney Sand

    Sydney Sand

    $79.00 Tonne
  • Filling Sand

    Filling Sand

    $48.00 Tonne
  • Road Base

    Road Base

    $74.00 Tonne
  • Re-Base®


    $56.00 Tonne
  • Re-Agg® 10mm

    Re-Agg® 10mm

    $62.00 Tonne
  • Re-Agg® 20mm

    Re-Agg® 20mm

    $62.00 Tonne
  • Concrete Mix Pre Mix 10mm

    Concrete Mix Pre Mix 10mm

    $92.00 Tonne