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Your garden soil or garden mix selection is a major contributor to the future sustainability of your garden and you can create the ideal environment for healthy plant growth by choosing the right soil for the job. ANL carry a huge range of garden soil options from Premium Garden Mix and Organic Garden Mix to General Potting Mix, certified organic garden soil products and specific vegetable soil mix.

**Not all products are sold at each location. Please contact your nearest ANL for availability.
Photos for reference only. Natural products can vary from batch to batch.

  • Organic Top Dressing™

    Organic Top Dressing™

    $80.00 m3
  • Sand-Soil Blend 80-20

    Sand-Soil Blend 80-20

    $78.00 Tonne
  • Planter Box Mix™

    Planter Box Mix™

    $85.00 m3
  • Peat and Planter Mix™

    Peat and Planter Mix™

    $77.00 m3
  • Organic Garden Mix™

    Organic Garden Mix™

    $64.00 m3
  • Droughtmaster® Garden Mix®

    Droughtmaster® Garden Mix®

    $72.00 m3
  • Re-Carb© Ultra

    Re-Carb© Ultra

    $64.00 m3
  • Re-Carb© Nature

    Re-Carb© Nature

    $71.00 m3
  • Re-Carb© Podium

    Re-Carb© Podium

    $76.00 m3
  • Native Low 'P' Mix™

    Native Low 'P' Mix™

    $75.00 m3
  • Turf Underlay

    Turf Underlay

    $69.00 m3
  • General Purpose Potting Mix

    General Purpose Potting Mix

    $109.00 m3
  • Premium Garden Mix™

    Premium Garden Mix™

    $67.00 m3
  • Greenlife® Garden Mix

    Greenlife® Garden Mix

    $81.00 m3
  • Complete Vegetable and Seedling Mix

    Complete Vegetable and Seedling Mix

    $96.00 m3
  • Greenlife® Lightweight Garden Mix

    Greenlife® Lightweight Garden Mix

    $80.00 m3
  • Nitro Top®

    Nitro Top®

    $80.00 m3