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How to Plant a Tree

Autumn is a great time of the year to plant trees, the weather is a little cooler and the ground is moist and easier to dig after good rain. Planting this time of the year allows the plant to adapt to the climate and settle in before the next hot summer. Some basic rules for planting are as follows.

Step 1. Conditioning the soil

Dig the hole at least 4-5 times larger than the root ball of the plant. Turn over and loosen the soil and add compost to the existing soil to help with new and fresh root growth.

Step 2. Drainage

If the soil has a lot of clay content add some Gypsum to the hole to help with drainage. Place the tree into the hole and be sure that the ground level matches the soil level from the pot.

Step 3. Fertilising

A great benefit to the new tree is to add a fertiliser such as Troforte Controlled Release Fertiliser. A mixture that includes microbes and is natural mineral enriched. This will enhance a trees uptake of soil nutrients.

Step 4. Watering

Water the soil in well, and make sure the root ball is well saturated. This is a good time to water in some Seasol, as it is a good plant tonic for stressed and newly planted trees.

Step 5. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Cover the planting hole with 2-3 inches of Mulch (bulk, bagged). Keep the mulch away from the truck of the tree, to keep rot away. Water the plant again after adding mulch. This will benefit the tree by keeping the soil moist and keeping the weeds down.

Step 6. Staking

Staking the tree for the first year is beneficial this helps the roots to get established and protects it from the wind and other elements. Make sure the ties are loose to allow movement and so it doesn't damage the trunk.