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ANL acquires the Tea Gardens Mill, on Sydney’s Central Coast, for the production of landscape products

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Tea Gardens Sydney Central Coast Landscape Products ANL has recently acquired a Wood Chip Mill in Tea Gardens on the Central Coast of NSW which will be used as a wood waste residue processing operation to expand upon and support its existing commercial composting operations. Early this year in 2014, ANL began utilising the existing infrastructure at The Mill for the recycling and processing of forest residues. Forest residues are the waste products left over from timber processing and the residues left in the forest after the logging of softwood plantation timber.

The Tea Gardens Mill has been in operation since 1979, where it was constructed to woodchip approximately 400,000 tonnes of plantation softwood chip for export.

The plant closed in the mid 1980’s when Boral purchased The Mill and began processing hardwood and softwood chip for export. ANL was a client of The Mill and purchased the wood chip fines and forest resides from 1979 until its closure in March 2013.

ANL will be using the newly acquired site at Tea Gardens to process the existing stockpiles of timber residues of woodchip and waste fines bark that are already on site.


In keeping with ANL’s environmentally conscious standards and practices, Patrick Soars, the founder and co-director of ANL says: “The operations at the Tea Gardens site will not include any native forest wood chipping or the export of native wood chips.”

The processed wood waste will be converted into ANL’s standard range of landscaping product such as mulch, compost and garden soil mixes, that can be purchased online at or from ANL’s landscape yards at Terrey Hills, North Ryde, Seven Hills, Badgerys Creek, Bathurst, Orange and Tumut