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Groundcovers are beneficial in the garden as they provide weed suppression, moist cool soils for the warmer months with a softening feature effect. We offer a selection of Natives, Exotics and Perennials suitable for all environments from full sun to full shade.Grasses add structure in garden design, foliage contrasts and offer hardiness and versatility in a wide variety of garden styles. For further information e-mail or call us and speak with one of our friendly staff.

  • Agapanthus - Blue 140mm

    Agapanthus - Blue 140mm

    $8.95 Each
  • Agapanthus - Blue 200mm

    Agapanthus - Blue 200mm

    $18.95 Each
  • Agapanthus - White 140mm

    Agapanthus - White 140mm

    $10.95 Each
  • Agapanthus - White 200mm

    Agapanthus - White 200mm

    $16.95 Each
  • Clivia - Belgian Hybrid 140mm

    Clivia - Belgian Hybrid 140mm

    $13.95 Assorted
  • Clivia - Belgian Hybrid 200mm

    Clivia - Belgian Hybrid 200mm

    $22.95 Assorted
  • Liriope Evergreen Giant 140mm

    Liriope Evergreen Giant 140mm

    $10.95 Assorted
  • Mondo Grass - Black 75mm

    Mondo Grass - Black 75mm

    $10.95 Assorted
  • Mondo Grass - Tall 140mm

    Mondo Grass - Tall 140mm

    $10.95 Assorted
  • Trachelospermum tri-colour 140mm

    Trachelospermum tri-colour 140mm

    $10.95 Assorted
  • Trachelospermum tri-colour 200mm

    Trachelospermum tri-colour 200mm

    $19.95 Assorted
  • Clivia miniata 140mm

    Clivia miniata 140mm

    $12.95 Each
  • Clivia miniata 200mm

    Clivia miniata 200mm

    $19.95 Each