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At ANL Garden Centre we have a wonderful array of gardening products to make your gardening experience more enjoyable. From plant labels to Mattocks, we have it all to make your garden shine.

  • Clonex Hormone Gel 50ml

    Clonex Hormone Gel 50ml

    $14.95 Each
  • Peat Moss 5 Litre

    Peat Moss 5 Litre

    $9.95 Bag
  • Vermiculite 5 Litre

    Vermiculite 5 Litre

    $10.95 Bag
  • Perlite 5 Litre

    Perlite 5 Litre

    $11.95 Bag
  • Ph Test Kit

    Ph Test Kit

    $28.95 Each
  • Pressure Sprayer 5L

    Pressure Sprayer 5L

    $31.95 Each
  • Anti Bird Netting (4m x 4m)

    Anti Bird Netting (4m x 4m)

    $11.95 Each
  • eco-flo dolomite 500ml

    eco-flo dolomite 500ml

    $14.95 Each
  • eco-flo gypsum 500ml

    eco-flo gypsum 500ml

    $14.95 Each
  • eco-flo lime 500ml

    eco-flo lime 500ml

    $14.95 Each
  • eco-hydrate 500ml

    eco-hydrate 500ml

    $19.95 Each
  • Katek Super Cal 1L

    Katek Super Cal 1L

    $18.00 Each