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Citrus overall embraces an interesting and attractive range of plants from more ornamental dwarf types to the larger and more commercially productive varieties.
Select from our range of Citrus: Mandarin, Oranges, Grapefruit, Cumquat, Lemon and Lime.

Browse through our lovely range of Citrus online or at Sheringhams Nursery in Terrey Hills, North Ryde or Seven Hills or contact us or call us to speak to one of our friendly staff for advice.

  • Lime - Kaffir 5L

    Lime - Kaffir 5L

    $48.95 Assorted
  • Lemon - Meyer 5L

    Lemon - Meyer 5L

    $49.95 Each
  • Lemon - Eureka 5L

    Lemon - Eureka 5L

    $49.95 Each
  • Lime - Tahitian 5L

    Lime - Tahitian 5L

    $49.95 Assorted
  • Orange - Navel 5L

    Orange - Navel 5L

    $49.95 Assorted
  • Orange - Valencia 12L

    Orange - Valencia 12L

    $49.95 Assorted