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In February 2016, Clark Goodwin had recently acquired, in his own words a “hobby farm” near Coonabarabran and had engaged Julie Sutherland from Nutri-Tech to provide advice on improving the soil health and productivity of the land. Clark was provided with a comprehensive report on the soils on his new property and the options for improving the soil. In order to fore fill the nutrient requirements identified by Nutri-Tech, Clark contacted ANL Agronomist Roger Crisp to seek input on his product needs.

The Hwy East paddock on “Bullaway” had the worst results in terms of nutrient and trace element deficiency, so was selected as the 1st area to receive treatment. The 42 ha block was to receive 5 t/ha of Nitrohumus, plus a combination of trace elements including Lime, Sulphur, Borax copper and Zinc. Although the distance from the production facility at Blayney was a concern, the value, characteristics and quality of the Nitrohumus® made the exercise acceptable.

Clark received the product for the paddock batched to the specified requirements at the end of May. It was applied immediately and the paddock sown to pasture, just before the heavens opened in the area and indeed the state received record breaking rains for the next 4 months. Timing was perfect and now 5 months on Clark had the following comments to make about the paddock.

“Due to the extraordinary pasture results from the timely application of the compost earlier this year, we had no choice but to mow and round bale the sheer abundance of pasture material. Mowing commenced yesterday morning and finished this morning, with approximately 60 acres (25 ha) mown.

Being Melbourne Cup week various crew decided to wager what would be the eventual bale quantity – I started proceedings by estimating 68 bales; a junior with past square baling experience estimated 72 bales; the excavator operator put his count at 83. Oh how off the mark we were, at sundown last night the mower operator and his father both estimated between 5 and 7 bales per acre – what tha.....! If this prediction is reasonably accurate we will have lifted some 360 (heavy) round bales based on an average of 6 bales to the acre.

I just goes to prove that with high nutrient and biological levels and a near-balanced soil pH along with timely rain events - food producers can exceed their conservative predictions IF they work WITH nature and NOT against her!!!!’

Pastures and crops that have received Nitrohumus® are again stand out performers in 2016. The diversity and consistency of nutrients in Nitrohumus® means that it is not only providing the key macro nutrients to the soil but also a blend of essential trace elements to ensure the efficient utilisation of the nitrogen and phosphorous. And it’s not just the N & P within the Nitrohumus® that is underpinning dry matter production but the composts ability to improve the availability of nutrients that are already in the soil. Nitrohumus® also adds rich organic matter to your soil that is filled with microbiology. Thriving active microbiology is crucial in a healthy soil, and is what defines a healthy soil as microbiology is essential for the effective mobilisation of nutrients in the soil. Nitrohumus® is a blend of nutrients and green life waste material that is slow composted to ensure maturity and consistency of product. Produced at several of Australian Native Landscapes production facilities, Nitrohumus® has shown over time that the company’s dedication to quality can produce a product that is consistent and reliable in its performance.

For more information about Nitrohumus®, BlackLime compost or any of our other specialty blends please contact ANL Agronomist Roger Crisp or Breanna Manks on (02) 6366 5205.