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Garden Mulch Supplies

Choose from a wide selection of garden mulch supplies for home gardens and commercial landscape projects alike. The colour or style of your mulch can change the entire look and feel of your garden, so ANL offer a range to suit all styles and concepts. If you require, ANL can create additional application specific blends to meet specific quality and environmental certifications.

ANL’s commercial horticultural sales representatives are available to give you advice on mulch styles and colours or to assist in decisions on quantity of mulch supplies or mulch spreading in your garden. You can call us on 13 14 58, or email your query for a quick reply.

By combining the expertise of ANL’s qualified horticulturalists with a carefully selected range of landscaping and garden products you can design your ideal garden, catered to your sense of style, and furnish the outdoor spaces of your home or business, or those of your customers, with stunning natural beauty. Offering exceptional value for money, you’ll find a solution for all types of budgets too.

**Not all products are sold at each location. Please contact your nearest ANL for availability.

  • This catalog has no sub-catalogs.
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Forest Blend®

    Forest Blend®

    $46.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Hardwood Chip™

    Hardwood Chip™

    $54.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Cedar Chip™

    Cedar Chip™

    $66.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Droughtmaster™ Mulch

    Droughtmaster™ Mulch

    $57.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Eucy Mulch

    Eucy Mulch

    $70.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Forest Fines®

    Forest Fines®

    $48.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Hort-Bark™


    $78.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Leaf Litter

    Leaf Litter

    $40.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Midnight Fines™

    Midnight Fines™

    $64.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Pine Bark Mini Nuggets®

    Pine Bark Mini Nuggets®

    $73.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Playground Mulch

    Playground Mulch

    $84.00 m3
  • Garden Mulch Supplies - Redwood Chip®

    Redwood Chip®

    $66.00 m3