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ShrubsShrubs provide privacy as hedges and can provide colour when in flower. They can be grown as a feature in the garden, adding interest with colour & shape with foliage or flower.Visit a Sherringhams Nursery branch to receive further advice & view an extended range or e-mail or call us.Please click here for contact information for all our branches

  • Buxus japonica 140mm

    Buxus japonica 140mm

    $12.50 Assorted
  • Buxus japonica 200mm

    Buxus japonica 200mm

    $21.95 Assorted
  • Murraya panniculata 140mm

    Murraya panniculata 140mm

    $13.50 Assorted
  • Murraya panniculata 200mm

    Murraya panniculata 200mm

    $21.95 Assorted