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Compost Technology Transfer Technical Support and Consultancy

Compost Technology Transfer

Certified Product

In the period from 1998-2000 ANL entered into a technology transfer arrangement with a Malaysian based company Hoest (S.E.A.) Sdn.Bhd. Pty Ltd. The arrangement called for ANL to assist in design and to co develop to a level of compliance to the Australian Standard 4454 — 1999 products and procedures for a composting facility to be located at Lundu, Sarawak - East Malaysia.

The site specific methodology transfer for the site as developed by Australian Native Landscapes inclusive of operational systems and quality plan resulted in the site being certified to the Australian Standard 4454: Composts, soil conditioners and mulches in early 2000.

Today we offer this technical support via a series of consultancy packages. The packages range from Level 1, which can have application to individuals in smaller scale agricultural operations for example, through to Level 3 - more suited to corporate or community groups operating large commercial facilities.

Where required, ANL will act as technical liaison on behalf of the client in aspects relating to certification to any or all of the following;

  • AS3743 Potting Mix
  • AS 4454 - Composts, soil conditioners and mulches.
  • AS 4419 – Soils for landscaping and garden use.
  • NASAA – National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia

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