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Compost Spreading Services for Farms

Australian Native Landscapes, Land Application division operates 3 trailing spreaders with capacities from 3 to 25 tonnes. Based at our production facility near Blayney the ANL Land Application division can provide quality service for all compost products and their application requirements for farms, vineyards and orchards and broadacre grazing and cropping farms.

With variable application capacity and GPS guidance ANL land Application can offer a quality service every time.

Agricultural Compost Spreader Compost on Pasture
Spreading Vineyard Mulch Vineyard Spreader

Horticulture, Vineyards & Orchards

ANL’s specialised spreading equipment can put the product where you want it when you need it, with our purpose built side delivery vineyard spreader. Whether your applying a windrow of Nitrohumus®, or Cow & Compost® on young vines or orchards or Greenlife®, Droughtmaster® or Vine Mulch® on an established planting. Our vineyard spreader can put the product on the root zone to ensure you get the greatest benefit. Our vineyard spreader can also apply an even coverage of product across the whole vineyard or orchard to assist with the inter-row health an vigour.

Compost for Vinyards

Broadacre Cropping and Grazing

Our large capacity spreader is controlled by GreenStar technology and can accommodate tramline applications of our Nitrohumus composted products. With large floatation tyres to reduce compaction and a 25 ton load capacity large areas can be covered efficiently and effectively.

Sporting Parks, Mines and Rehabilitation Areas

With a low centre of gravity and high floatation tyres on our tractor pulled spreaders ANL’s Land Application Division can ensure that you get the best possible coverage on your land. With the aid of GPS guidance to ensure an even and consistent coverage of product. We can apply Nitrohumus to your land safely, and quickly.

On mine sites and disturbed areas requiring rehabilitation the four wheel drive and low load design of our spreaders combined with trailer braking ensure the safe and effective application of product. Using ANL’s Land Application spreaders combined with ANL’s GreenBlower® service we have got all your needs covered, regardless of the terrain.

Compost products for farms


Based at our Blayney facility, the Land Application Division coordinates sales and spreading of the full range of ANL quality assured composts and mulches.

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