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Compost – Benefits & Value

ANL offers a number of compost products and supplies for cropping and grazing and has developed an extended selection of blends for specific crops. We have sourced supporting research and relevant compost use information that we believe will assist farmers in determining the value of compost and to gain greater understanding of the roll of compost in broad acre agriculture and organic farming.

We encourage you to view this information and contact us with any questions. For information and assistance please contact our commercial sales representatives via the Commercial Sales and technical Support link.

Ongoing research is finally quantifying the agronomic benefit of compost in agricultural and horticultural crops and cropping systems. ANL is an active contributor to this research and is undertaking ongoing trials with farmers and government agencies.

We encourage you to consider the comparisons tabled below, view the range of technical information provided on our website, and contact us for additional service, sales and support.

Nutrient Comparison -  Nitrohumus® Compost vs. Chemical Fertilisers
Nutrient Source Application Rate (kg/ha) N Applied (kg) P Applied (kg) K Applied (kg) S Applied  (kg) $/t Mar 2010 $/ha 2010 (inc GST)
Single Super 125 0 11.25 0 13.7 $462 $58
DAP 100 18 20 0 5 $935 $94
MAP 100 10 22 0 1.6 $965 $97
Nitrohumus® 3,000 19.3 24.8 8.35 6.5 $23-30 $68-90
Organic Value Comparison - Nitrohumus® Compost vs. Chemical Fertilisers
Products Organic Matter
Cation Storage
Nitrohumus® 45 12.9 41.7 K or Ca or Mg 21 or 11 or 6
Greenlife® Mulch & Compost 58 27.8 46.8 K or Ca or Mg 51 or 26 or 16
Single Super 0 0 0 K or Ca or Mg 0
DAP 0 0 0 K or Ca or Mg 0
MAP 0 0 0 K or Ca or Mg 0
Chicken Litter ? ? ? K or Ca or Mg ?
Long Term Product Use Comparison - Nitrohumus® Compost vs. Chemical Fertilisers
Product Soil Health Soil Productivity Water Use Efficiency Nutrient Storage Soil Carbon Levels Soil Compaction Rate Needed to Maintain Yields
Single Super

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