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Allandale is a 30 hectare mixed vegetable production farm

Val and his brother Sam are second generation vegetable growers located in Richmond area, around 60 kilometers from Sydney

Historically the farm was growing Citrus up until 1998, The use of compost was initially brought about through the Department of Primary Industries Nutrient Smart Management project in 2010. Not long after this project the farm experienced a significant rain event that saw the growing beds without compost applied collapse.

This first hand experience and the physical improvement the compost made to the structure of the soil saw Val and Sam  engage with ANL to provide technical advice, compost and compost blends tailor made for their production program and soil test results. The ongoing use of compost saw increased organic matter levels and in turn an improved cation exchange capacity - i.e.  soils became more responsive to nutrient applications, and therefore less inputs are required

Val and Sam's active involvement in industry activities and their strategic approach in improving practices - eventuated into compost and all the benefits that it brings now used as standard input practice for their farming production system.

Allandale Farm