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Landscaping and Gardening FAQs
Handy Hints for Gardeners

Composts and Soil Conditioners

Which compost is best? How do I condition clay soils? How do I condition sandy soils? and more ...

Gravels and Pebbles

Are all gravels and pebbles suitable for driveways or pathways? Which gravels and pebbles are suitable for use as an inorganic mulch? Which gravel or pebble is best suited to natural water features? Do gravels and pebbles have a set lifespan? and more ...

Garden Mulch

What is the best mulch for my garden? How deep should I mulch? How long will mulch last? What mulch suits native gardens? I need some mulch for my exotic garden, what should I use? and more ...

Garden Soils and Garden Mixes

I need some garden mix to plant my native plants, what should I use? I want to plant natives in a new garden, but the soil is very sandy, what should I add to it?
I need some garden mix for my new exotic garden, what should I use? The soil in my exotic garden needs some compost what would you recommend? and more ...