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Composts and Soil Conditioners - Handy Hints for Gardeners

Composts Soil Conditioners - Frequently Asked Questions (75 KB)

1. Which compost is best?

We have a large range of compost products suited to different uses. Look for one that is certified to either an Australian Standard, or perhaps NASAA organic certification. Explain clearly what you are wishing to do or grow so that our sales staff can offer the best advice for your needs.

2. How do I condition clay soils?

Organic Clay Breaker is a product specifically designed to condition heavy clay soils. This product is a combination of composts and mineral components which assist in breaking down the clay and improving drainage.

3. How do I condition sandy soils?

Sandy soil drains too freely and requires the addition of well-composted organic matter to help hold moisture in the soil. The type of conditioner used will depend upon the type of plants being planted afterwards. Native plants will prefer Greenlife® 'Mulch & Compost', and for exotic plants we recommend using Botany Humus Mix®.

4. What is Greenlife® 'Mulch & Compost' made from?

This soil conditioner is 100% recycled, composted green waste, and is one of our certified Australian Standard products. The material is composted and tested over 16 weeks, and then screened to produce a minus 15mm product which we market as Greenlife® 'Mulch & Compost'. It is a soil conditioner low in phosphorus, and is perfect to use in native gardens.

5. What is Botany Humus Mix® and where is it used?

Botany Humus is a blend of rich composted organic materials, designed for soil conditioning in gardens with exotic or non-native plants. It is either applied and mixed into the soil prior to planting, or it can be placed on the surface as a fine composted mulch. If surface applied be careful not to apply the product close to the stem of the plant, as this may lead to burning. We advise customers to water plants well after planting into freshly conditioned soils.

6. What is Nitrohumus® and where is it used?

Nitrohumus® is a soil conditioner manufactured from composted biosolids (sewerage sludge). Nitrohumus® is an extremely rich compost, and is well suited to condition soils where plants requiring high nutrient soils, such as citrus or roses, are being planted. Nitrohumus® is also used in broad acre and intensive agriculture or orchards.