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Ferns Palms Cycads

Palms are good for adding shade, and a lush tropical look to a beautiful garden. Great as a feature or around the pool to create an oasis look.

Cycads are wonderful for providing an interesting feature and adding a tropical look with palms and ferns. Cycads are very tough, little care is needed.

Ferns provide a lovely rainforest look when mass planted, while providing beauty and elegance as indoor plants. The Maiden Hair variety is a popular variety for indoors.

Visit us at a Sherringhams Nursery branch, speak to one of our friendly staff or e-mail or call us.

  • This catalog has no sub-catalogs.
  • Ferns Palms Cycads - Blechnum 'Silver lady' 200mm

    Blechnum 'Silver lady' 200mm

    $24.95 Each
  • Ferns Palms Cycads - Cycas revoluta 200mm

    Cycas revoluta 200mm

    $43.95 Assorted
  • Ferns Palms Cycads - Cycas revoluta 300mm

    Cycas revoluta 300mm

    $119.95 Assorted
  • Ferns Palms Cycads - Golden Cane Palm 200mm

    Golden Cane Palm 200mm

    $24.95 Each
  • Ferns Palms Cycads - Golden Cane Palm 300mm

    Golden Cane Palm 300mm

    $110.95 Each
  • Ferns Palms Cycads - Kentia Palm 200mm

    Kentia Palm 200mm

    $35.00 Each
  • Maidenhair Fern 125mm

    Maidenhair Fern 125mm

    $13.50 Each
  • Ferns Palms Cycads - Parlour Palm 200mm

    Parlour Palm 200mm

    $29.95 Each