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FAQs - Garden Soils and Garden Mixes
Handy Hints for Gardeners

Garden Soil and Soil Mixes - Frequently Asked Questions (77 KB)

1. I need some garden mix to plant my native plants, what should I use? Why?

Many native plants, particularly those in the Proteaceae family such as Grevilleas, have adapted to nutrient poor Australian soils which are low in Phosphorus, and have the ability to supply themselves with their own Phosphorus. Planting these plants in garden mix that supplies additional phosphorus can be toxic. Native `Low P' Mix is a purpose designed garden mix, low in phosphorus for all native plants.

2. I want to plant natives in a new garden, but the soil is very sandy, what should I add to it?

Greenlife® 'Mulch & Compost' which is suitable for natives, should be added to condition the soil. The product should be incorporated into the existing soil to a depth of 10cm. The final blend should be no greater than 50% compost.

After planting, mulch should be applied to increase moisture holding. We suggest that you use our Forest Fines® as its grading and colour are well suited to native gardens.

3. I need some garden mix for my new exotic garden, what should I use?

Premium Garden Mix is recommended for new garden beds. If the existing soil is very sandy or poor, we recommend that you use Organic Garden Mix as it will provide additional organic matter.

4. The soil in my exotic garden needs some compost what would you recommend? Why?

The best soil conditioner for exotic gardens is Botany Humus®. This is a far richer compost than Greenlife® `Mulch & Compost', and provides additional nutrients preferred by most exotic plants species.

5. I need some mulch for my exotic garden, what should I use?

The choice of mulch for exotic gardens depends on the colours and textures that suit the house and garden. Personal preference plays an important role, however customers should be advised that mulches vary in terms of how long they last. This is often an important factor in the purchase.

6. I'm planting Camellias & Azaleas, what garden mix should I use? Why?

Premium Garden Mix is recommended for planting Camellias and Azaleas. In particular, they require rich soils with good drainage which is provided by this product.

7. I need to fill some planter boxes, what should I use? Why?

ANL manufactures Planter Box Mix which is an open and free draining mix specifically for use in this situation. Alternatively some customers may prefer to use general purpose potting mix, which is also well suited to planter boxes. Below a depth of 300mm in planter boxes, we recommend using Sub‐Planter Mix which offers greater drainage and stops water‐logging at depth.