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Plastic Film Recycling & Closed Loop Recycling

ANL and Greenlife have put in place recycling systems to convert waste plastic film for re-use in our wide range of packaged Horticultural products.

Sydney’s landfill charges are currently in excess of $250 per tonne and rising. Recycling your waste film will provide huge financial savings whilst substantially benefiting the environment.

- Reduce your Carbon Footprint
- Reduce your Waste Disposal Costs
- Help our Environment

For a small charge we are offering “Closed Loop” recycling and the re-use of the plastic film in the Greenlife, ANL range of packaged products.

We will accept:

- All ANL/Greenlife empty bags (clean)
- Empty plastic bags (clean)
- Shrinkwrap film (clean)
- Plastic Liners (clean)
- Top Covers (clean)

Empty bulka bags will be left and the full bags will be collected via back loading as fresh stock is delivered. The plastic will be transported and delivered to the ANL/Greenlife recycling centre.

plastic film recycling