Fertilisers for Plant Health

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seasol fertiliserSEASOL

A complete garden treatment for all plants, including your favourite rose variety. SEASOL encourages vigorous flowering, fruiting and overall strength of the root zone health.

SEASOL is vital for beneficial soil microorganisms, resistance to heat, drought, frosts, pests and diseases.

SEASOL is absorbed via both the roots and foliage, absolutely safe for all plants including acid loving plants.

The following Seasol products are available:


seasol powerfeed fertiliserPOWERFEED

An organic based fertiliser and soil conditioner combined, providing a rich source of essential nutrients formulated to encourage sustained health. With the added advantage of liquid compost, it will help to improve drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils.

Our POWERFEED range:



This is a similar alternative product to SEASOL or POWERFEED ensuring fantastic results.

Our MAXICROP range:
Bonus offer concentrate 600mL
1 litre pack