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Have you ever seen a soil analysis that says you are only lacking one nutrient and your organic matter is fine? So why apply single nutrient no organic fertilisers? Nitrohumus® compost is packed with a diversity of nutrients and trace elements, organic matter and humus, with stacks of microbes. We can blend it with Lime or Gypsum for a complete soil conditioner.

compost for agriculture and horticulture
Nitrohumus® compost applied to Cereal Crops

High Quality Composts – for Broadacre Agriculture

The benefits of composts are well recognised with the diverse combination of nutrients and organic matter (and microbes) proving to be a highly effective combination for maximising plant growth. Whether in pastures or in cropping, providing the necessary Macro and Micro nutrients for the plant and the soil health is crucial to maximising the production that comes from that soil. The cost of compost however has in the past been a deterrent to its use but this is changing. As a result of Australian Native Landscapes’ (ANL) purpose built compost facility near Blayney, more and more people are now using and experiencing the benefit of compost on their farm. “Faster plant responses following rain”, “improved plant colour”, ”increased dry matter production” “heavier weaning weights”, “better grain weight”, these are just some of the responses ANL’s agronomist Roger Crisp is hearing from people who are now using ANL’s Nitrohumus® compost on their crops and pastures, and he is not surprise.

“For years now farmers have been forced into using single, or limited nutrient granular fertilisers because there hasn’t been a viable alternative, but I don’t know of any soils that only have a single nutrient deficiency. So producers have been applying higher rates of what they think is a cheap input and only utilising a portion of the nutrients they put on to achieve the desired result. Farmers haven’t been able to cost effectively apply the additional nutrients that would improve their soil nutrient balance.” But according to Roger, times have changed, and now economies of scale are pushing down the cost of high quality composts so that they are a real alternative to traditional nutrient supply sources.

compost for broadacre agriculture and crops

Pictured is the compost being turned before being delivered to farm. According to ANL’s manager of the Browns Creek depot near Blayney, Jason White production is currently around 10,000 tonnes of high quality compost per month with plans to double this in the next 12 months. The production process and systems at Browns Creek are designed to ensure that all product is produced to Australian Standard AS4454.

When you compare the value of the nutrients supplied and the added benefit of the humus, organic matter and soil microbes ANL’s Nitrohumus® is better value all around. Farmers today are looking to apply Lime or Gypsum, to improve their soil pH or Cation exchange and soil condition plus a granular fertiliser to promote plant growth along with added trace elements to achieve some sort of balance in their soil. If you need more than 1 trace element, which is not unusual this will usually need to be applied in another usually liquid application, so this is at least 3 applications of product to achieve only half of what you can with a single application of ANL’s Nitrohumus® compost.

According to ANL’s agronomist Roger the time and cost of getting your soil “clinically correct” using synthetic nutrients is adding up and you haven’t even contributed to arguably the most important aspect of your soil and that is the organic matter and the soil microbes. With a single application of Nitrohumus® compost you can provide the full range of nutrients you need plus organic matter and humus for your soil microbes.

One pass one solution – Nitrohumus® compost. 

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