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How to plant and grow spring bulbs


Autumn is the time bulbs need to be planted for a spectacular spring flowering display. Most bulbs can be planted virtually all over Australia; however, in the warmer zones of NSW it might be necessary to refrigerate tulip bulbs during winter.

Many of the old-fashioned varieties of bulbs such as Freesias, Jonquils and Daffodils are among the world’s best bulbs because they can be planted into the ground and left forever.

how to plant and grow bulbs

Fertilising and Soil for Bulbs

If the bulbs are fertilised regularly during the second growing season with a complete BULB FOOD, they will flower with a stunning floral arrangement and it will enhance the perfume of these glorious plants.

Bulbs can be grown in bowls using soil mixes such as BULB MIX or SEED RAISING MIX this will encourage sustained, healthy growth. We recommend BRUNNINGS BULB FOOD or TROFORTE POTS AND PLANTS which will ensure stunning flowering.

Some bulb varieties are beautiful for cut flowers and vase arrangements.

Caring for Bulbs

Moderate watering, prune any spent flowers but do not remove leaves until they die off naturally. The period after the end of flowering is when the bulb replenishes its reserves and sets the buds for the following year’s season.

At Sherringhams Nursery, we are pleased to highlight our extensive range of spring flowering bulbs. Browse through our lovely range of Spring Bulbs at our Nurseries in Terrey HillsNorth Ryde or Seven Hills.


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