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How to plant and grow Roses


Each year throughout the world, roses sell increasing numbers and bring enjoyment to countless people. We are therefore more than interested to offer our cultural notes on roses that our clients may be better informed and more able to cope with the particular cultural needs of these glorious plants. The difference between a rose properly cultivated and one neglected is the difference of excellence down to despair- even disaster.

How to plant and care for Roses

Roses must be properly tended and they really will give their best.

The following information may be followed with confidence.


Roses require full sun (at least 6 hours per day) for maximum vigour. They will grow in less sun but will be straggly and produce blooms of inferior quality.

Protection from harsh winds is preferable to prevent drying out and spoiling of flowers.


Roses can be grown in a variety of soils with good results. In sandy soils, drainage is usually good but drying out and leaching of nutrients is a problem. Frequent watering and regular fertilising can compensate for this. Mulching at regular intervals with well-rotted matter, eg: MUSHROOM COMPOST will improve moisture-holding capacity and nutrient retention. Clay soils hold moisture well but because of the fine structure are poorly aerated and drained. The addition of well-rotted organic matter or compost will lighten a heavy soil and improve aeration and drainage. Drainage can be further improved by raising soil beds and digging in GYPSUM. A medium loam is ideal soil for roses- a combination of sand and clay particles to give a well- drained and well-aerated soil with good moisture retention. We cannot over-emphasise the value of compost in soil preparation. Remember to prune new roses before planting.

How to plant and care for Roses



Dig a hole at least three times larger than the container size and mix a generous amount of PREMIUM GARDEN MIXCOW & COMPOST or MULCH ‘N’ COMPOST with the soil from the hole. Remove the plant from the container gently and plant it into the same soil level as it is in the container. Gently replace the soil around the planted rose and firm down.        

Make a small wall of soil around the planted rose approximately 30cm from the stem and water plant thoroughly. The soil wall will stop the water running away and thus ensure the rose is thoroughly watered. It is best to insert a firm stake to support standard roses at the time of planting.

Weeping standard roses require the support of a ROSE WHEEL and PIPE to obtain the best results. Both standards and weeping standard roses should be tied firmly to the supporting stake using expandable budding tape or old nylon stockings, by tying in a figure 8 around the rose stem and the support. This should stop the stem rubbing against the stake and thus damaging it.


Roses require regular fertilising with a complete plant food, such as DINOFERT ROSE FOOD, commencing in early Spring and thereafter at monthly to six-weekly intervals until early Autumn.

A mulch of MUSHROOM COMPOST in Spring and late Summer will also benefit roses. This provides a quick release of nitrogen and helps to retain soil moisture.

Roses that are planted in winter should not be fed with manure or fertiliser for 2 months.


Pruning is an important part of growing roses. It helps to maintain vigour and produce the maximum number of flowers. It also keeps the plants manageable and attractively shaped. Pruning cuts should be treated with a tree wound dressing i.e. STERIPRUNE. Most roses should be pruned in Winter- late July is ideal for Sydney.

Once the roses have been pruned it is advisable to spray a mixed solution of LIME SULPHUR over, but ensure there is no leaf growth as the spray may cause deformity. Lime Sulphur will also help to prevent dieback during the growing season.

Variety Colour Scent Resistance to fungal disease
Double Delight Cream/Pink Outstanding Good
Iceberg White Good Very Good
Mr Lincon Deep Red Outstanding Very Good
Freesia Bright Yellow Good Good
Peace Pale Lemon/Pink Good Limited
Just Joey Apricot Good Good
Lagerfeld Lilac Fair Limited
Perfume Delight Deep Pink Outstanding Good
Princess De Monaco Ivory/Pink Good Limited
Apricot Nectar Apricot/Pink Soft Good

When considering the rose variety of your choice we recommend a solution of SEASOL / POWERFEED, MAXICROP, UPLIFT or HARVEST when planting.


a tonic that stimulates root development and promotes healthy growth. Increases resistance to heat, drought, frosts, disease and insect/ fungal attack. Encourages vigorous flowering, fruiting and overall health. Keeps your roses in peak condition all year round.


contains liquid fish compost, promoting vigorous growth and stimulating flowering and fruiting. Adds significant nutrient to the soil. Can act as a clay breaker and improves sandy soils. A rich source of nitrogen, potassium, trace elements, protein and amino acids.

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