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How to plant and grow Maidenhair Ferns



Maidenhair fern is the most loved or at least it is the most grown of all ferns. People love them as much for their quaintly delicate leaflets, as for their soft shiny stems. The fragile appearance of a maidenhair fern with its gentle, green colour, adds a lushness and a cool look to any setting. Not only an indoor plant, maidenhair will naturalise beautifully in cool garden positions, between pavers or bricks. It is actually in hanging baskets that this fern gains its popularity.
How to plant and grow maidenhair       

Whether grown on its own or as a composite planting, you can be assured of a thrilling result if these following notes are observed. Good luck with your ferns - the efforts are always rewarding. 


Maidenhair ferns will grow best inside in a well-lit position, out of direct sun or with some very early morning sun. They tolerate either a warm or a cool spot; however, growth is quicker in a warm position. They require humidity to grow well. This can be achieved by placing the plant on a saucer filled with pebbles and water that provides moisture in the air as it evaporates around the fern. 


Repot from September to February. The best options are our PREMIUM POTTIING MIX or INDOOR/ OUTDOOR POTTING MIX. With varying degrees of slow release fertilisers, and water retaining agents your maidenhairs will grow very well. Be careful not to plant the crown below soil level, as it is the point from which the new fronds develop.

The biggest problem in growing these ferns inside is when the position fluctuates - e.g. a bathroom that is humid and warm after a shower and cold and dry the rest of the day. Maidenhairs prefer a situation that stays roughly the same in warmth and humidity. They do not like being moved as it often sets them back until they adjust to the new environment. Warm laundries, bathroom and kitchen windowsills are all good spots.
Maidenhair ferns grow well outside on protected patios, under pergolas, in shade houses or in the garden and are best protected from the wind. They do well in positions where they get some very early morning sun or some filtered sun. 


Keep them evenly moist all year. From September to March feed them every 2 weeks with liquid fertiliser e.g. MAXICROP, NITROSOL, FISH EMULSION, OSMOCOTE FOR INDOORS, HARVEST, UPLIFT or FERN & PALM FOOD 


One of the main problems is getting the right position for the maidenhair ferns to grow successfully. Mealy bug may be an occasional problem. Use CONFIDORWHITE OIL or PEST OILS lightly sprayed to control these problems.

Maintain your Maidenhair Fern with fortnightly applications of: SEASOL, POWERFEED or MAXICROP. Any of these products used will help provide everlasting results of a healthy plant.

Browse through our lovely range of Maidenhair Ferns at ANL Garden Centre in Terrey Hills or  North Ryde.


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