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How to plant and grow Callistemon (Bottlebrush)


‘Callistemon’ is a member of the myrtaceae family and are stunning evergreen native shrubs/small trees making them a perfect addition to the shrub border.

They bear magnificent long-stamened colourful flowers in dense, neatly formed spikes.

Callistemon - Bottlebrush - Australian Native plant

Many species have a weeping habit, striking papery bark not unlike those in the related genus Melaleuca.

They are fantastic for their ‘Native Bird attracting’ capabilities (such as small parrots or lorikeets), as the flowers are nectar rich.

Height varies between species selected.


Soil preparation prior to planting is highly recommended, use GREENLIFE NATIVE MIX while planting thus rejuvenating the soil.


Full sun preferable with moist soil however will tolerate poor drainage. Only marginally frost tolerant.


Light pruning after flowering will help promote vigorous, bushy growth and flowering.


Feed with an application of NITROSOL, HARVEST, OSMOCOTE for ‘NATIVE GARDENS’ / PLUS ORGANICS ALL PURPOSE or ‘GARDEN GOLD for Natives or BLOOD N BONE during the warmer months.

Maintain plant health and longevity with monthly applications during the warmer weather using SEASOL, UPLIFT PLANT STARTER, POWER FEED or MAXICROP.

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