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Handy Hints for Gardeners

Is your Garden Dry?

  • Adding compost and wetting agents make the soil hold more water.
  • Add one third compost to your garden bed and water in with a wetting agent.
  • Water well and deep into the soil, rather than frequent shallow watering.


How do I keep plant pests away from my garden?

  • No‐one likes spraying for pests, and if your plants are strong & healthy they'll survive a few pests. Adding rich compost to the soil, fertilising occasionally, and mulching regularly is the key.
  • The best defence is generally attracting both birds & other insects. Lots of flowers for nectar and shrubs for birds to hide in will make a huge difference.
  • If you really have to spray, look for the natural products rather than man made chemicals, & try soapy water first because many bugs don't like it.



  • Mulch at 75mm deep to stop weeds.
  • Droughtmaster mulch is a 3 in 1 mulch compost and wetting agent. This wets the soil, adds organic matter and suppresses weeds, all in one step
  • As soil microbes break down mulch over time, they will also consume nutrients. To ensure nutrients are still available for plant growth, always fertilise your garden before mulching

Laying Turf

  • A roll of turf covers 1 square metre. (0.5m wide x 2m long)
  • Level areas with Turf Underlay before you turf.
  • Tired lawns need Topdressing with Organic Top Dressing™. Max depth 5mm
  • Top Dress in early spring or early autumn.


Are you laying pavers?

  • 1 cubic metre of Paving Blend covers 20 square metres to a depth of 50mm
  • Sweep Sydney Sand into gaps to stop pavers from moving once lane.
  • 100mm of compacted Road base should be laid below paving if required to support vehicles