Garden Mulch 


Benefits of Garden Mulch

The benefits of using garden mulch include the encouragement of micro-organisms in the soil, water saving, the root systems of plants remain cool particularly in the summer and also during the hottest part of the day, as well as the importance of weed suppression and not to mention adding beauty to the appearance of the garden. Garden mulch stops weeds, reduces soil temperature & saves water. Apply mulch 75mm deep, 1 cubic metre of mulch covers approximately 14 square metres of garden bed and apply fertiliser before mulching.

Garden Mulch Lifespan

garden mulchThe garden mulch lifespan varies significantly between products. Consider this when you make your choice. Below are estimates of mulch longevity:


Choosing a Garden Mulch

Choose a garden mulch that suits your house & garden style


coloured garden mulchThe Garden Mulch Selection 

ANL offer a range of Garden Mulch to suit all styles and concepts. If you require, ANL can create additional application specific blends to meet specific quality and environmental certifications.

  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Pine Bark Mini Nuggets
  • Forest Fines ®
  • Cedar Chip ™
  • Cypress Pine Woodchip
  • Droughmaster™ Mulch
  • Eucalyptus Mulch
  • Redwood Chip
  • Midnight Fines ™
  • Leaf Litter
  • Hort-Bark™ Mulch
  • Playground Mulch
  • Red Wood™ Chip
  • Red Wood™ Fines
  • Re-mulch ®
  • Sugarcane Bale
  • Tea Tree Bale
  • Lucerne Mulch

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    Using Yates Waterside products Garden Mulch

    The ‘Yates Waterwise’ range of products are also extremely effective for added water holding.         

    pebbles for garden mulchUsing Pebbles and Gravels as Inorganic Mulch

     ANL also have a complete range of pebbles and gravels that can be used as inorganic mulches:

     View our complete range of pebbles and gravels

    Add garden mulch & enjoy a water wise garden today.