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Carbon Gardening

The ANL is the first landscape supplies company to quantify the Greenhouse benefit associated with landscaping and horticultural products. The Carbon Gardening® range achieves this by avoiding landfill emissions, reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers and storing organic carbon in the soil.

The average Australian household produces 14tonne of greenhouse gases per annum. The average Australian car produces 4.36tonne.

The Carbon Gardening® range tabled below includes a selection of quality Garden Mixes, Soil Conditioners, Decorative Mulches and Potting Mix which offer a period of offset when used.

The days offset tabled refer to how many days of the Average Australian cars emissions are offset by customers choosing 1m3 of Re-Carb product, rather than 1m3 of an alternative product.

Category Re-Carb Product Days Offset /Metre3
Garden Mixes RE-Carb® Ultra 68.5
RE-Carb® Nature 60.7
RE-Carb® Podium 75.1
Lawn Care Products RE-Carb® Foundation 50.6
RE-Carb® Sustain 80.9
Potting Mix RE-Carb® Patio 68.5
Compost & Soil Conditioners RE-Carb® Essence 101.1
RE-Carb® Complete 87.2
Mulches RE-Carb® Finish 47
RE-Carb® Advanced 57.8

The Carbon Gardening

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