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Autumn is finally here!

Now that the summer heat has receded, it is the perfect time to enjoy the cooler temperatures in your garden.

With warmth in the soil and early Autumn rains to boost growth, you can confidently pave the way to successful soil preparation and planting. Whether you're looking to add colourful flowers or foliage, grow a hedge to create a screen from the neighbours, or replace your heat-affected plants, ANL Garden Centres have the right plant for the right situation. Come and talk to our friendly horticulturists who are available every day for all your gardening advice.

Happy Gardening!

What to plant in Autumn

As the weather cools, our thoughts turn to comfort food. Why not create a herb garden for slow cooked dishes such as thyme, garlic, parsley, bay leaves, oregano, rosemary and tarragon. Short on space? Plant into a pot or trough, as most herbs and vegies will happily grow in containers.

Autumn vegetables to plant now include leafy greens, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, broccoli and kale to name a few. Mix in some of ANL's Cow and Compost at the time of planting for healthy, lush growth.

ANL Garden Centres have an extensive range of colour for your garden at this time of year. Plant out Osteospermums (African Daisies), Tibouchinas in full bloom, viola, pansies and coleus look beautiful for that instant pop of colour.

At ANL Garden Centres, we can guide you in getting your garden looking good for Winter, and ready for Spring.

Autumn Gardening Essentials: Shop Now

Come in and get advice from our expert gardening staff at ANL's Terrey Hills and North Ryde locations.

  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Greenlife® Garden Mix 30L

    Greenlife® Garden Mix 30L

    $8.50 Bag
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Cow and Compost 30L

    Cow and Compost 30L

    $7.50 Bag
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Potted Colour (5 plant deal)

    Potted Colour (5 plant deal)

    $2.95 Each
  • Sale {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Tibouchina 'Jules' 200mm

    Tibouchina 'Jules' 200mm

    $0.00 $21.95 Each

How to grow Bulbs in Autumn

Autumn is the time bulbs need to be planted for a spectacular spring flowering display. Most bulbs can be planted virtually all over Australia; however, in the warmer zones of NSW it might be necessary to refrigerate tulip bulbs during winter.

Many of the old-fashioned varieties of bulbs such as Freesias, Jonquils and Daffodils are among the world’s best bulbs because they can be planted into the ground and left forever.

Autumn Bulb Essentials: Shop Now

Come in and get advice from our expert gardening staff at ANL's Terrey Hills and North Ryde locations.

  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Sugar Cane Mulch

    Sugar Cane Mulch

    $14.95 Bag
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Italian Plain Garden Pot 33cm

    Italian Plain Garden Pot 33cm

    $15.00 Each
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Troforte CRF 700g Superfeeder

    Troforte CRF 700g Superfeeder

    $10.95 Each
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Bulb Growing Mix

    Bulb Growing Mix

    $5.95 each

Best Mulch for your garden This Autumn

The benefits of mulching your garden include: the encouragement of micro-organisms in the soil, the root systems of plants remain cool particularly in the summer and also during the hottest part of the day, weed suppression and not to mention adding beauty to the appearance of the garden.

At ANL we have a range of products that are extremely effective for added water holding. We also available a range of inorganic mulches, pebbles and gravels.

  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Green Up Lawn Food 25kg

    Green Up Lawn Food 25kg

    $39.95 Bag
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Seasol 1,25 Litre

    Seasol 1,25 Litre

    $17.95 Each
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Gro-Wall® Slim Line

    Gro-Wall® Slim Line

    $95.00 Each
  • {{catalogcollection.['name']}} - Vegepod Medium

    Vegepod Medium

    $279.00 Each

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