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Agriculture & Farming Testimonials: the benefits of using Nitrohumus® compost on farms


livestock  Revving up Livestock and Cropping Pastures with Organic Matter - Nitrohumus® Compost

Cliff Kelly and his son Stuart run a mixed livestock and cropping operation on “Ferndale” near Newbridge in the Central Tablelands. They have been using ANL’s Nitrohumus® compost on their grazing oats paddocks for a number of years and plan to keep on using it. “The oats look robust and really respond to the Nitrohumus® compost. We would prefer to use more organic fertilizers in preference to synthetic where possible, more ...
benefits of using nitrohumus compost in farming The Grass is always greener! The benefits of using Nitrohumus® Compost on Farms

When farmers in the Rockley region near Bathurst talk about the other hill being always greener they are probably looking at Peter Matus’s property “Tara” where he has been using ANL’s Nitrohumus® compost. Peter contracted ANL’s land application services to apply Nitrohumus® compost to the grass pastures on his farm in mid 2013, not realising that he was just about to go into one of the driest and hottest summer periods the region has experienced. more...