ANL Launches New Blower Trucks

Access to many areas of your garden is often difficult. ANL now offers a new blower installation service for bulk landscape materials. Perfect for steep sites, multi-storey balconies, planter boxes & restricted access areas, the Greenblower trucks are a cost effective and efficient way of getting mixes and mulches into difficult areas.

Save time & money with our new Greenblower installation service. Contact Steve Losanno on 9450 1444 or 0405 596 942.

Lightweight Concrete Paving

Evo-Crete ultra lightweight concrete products represent the highest level of engineering technology. The Evo-Crete product are durable, fire proof, non combustible and can be bolted like concrete and drilled like plaster. Evo-Crete products can be used in all of the same applications as its heavy concrete counterpart.
Vertical Gardens

Are you struggling to find a good looking solution to cover unsightly walls? ANL now offers a simple and effective modular vertical garden solution for small gardens, balconies and courtyards. Vertical gardens are created with ease, utilising natural soil mixes to retain nutrients. This modular system enables localised moisture retention and access to individual plants, creating optimum conditions for a successful vertical garden. Check out the new Vertical Garden System in-store now. 

Organic Gardening

ANL now offers 25L bags of organically certified Compost and 30L bags of Herb & Vegie Mix. Perfect for the home vegie grower, these products are as good as it gets to grow healthy chemical free vegies.