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Garden Soils and Garden Mixes

Garden Soils and Garden Mixes

Your garden soil or garden mix selection is a major contributor to the future sustainability of your garden and you can create the ideal environment for healthy plant growth by choosing the right soil for the job. ANL carry a huge range of garden soil options from Premium Garden Mix and Organic Garden Mix to General Potting Mix, certified organic garden soil products and specific vegetable soil mix. Use our common landscaping calculations to help with your decision, request a quote or call an expert on 13 14 58, to talk over your specific needs.

Australian Native Landscapes; successfully operating for over 40 years and recognised by Sydney’s professional and private landscapers and gardeners as horticultural innovators and leaders. Our extensive range of landscaping products is designed to be flexible, durable and suitable for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Choose to have your soil delivered (7 days) or collect it yourself from any of our Sydney or regional locations.

Innovations in composting and recycling, as well as a commitment to sustainable gardening practices have made ANL an industry leader in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. Extensive use of native plants, water saving ideas and products and water and energy saving designs allow you to maximise the natural assets of your garden or landscape.

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  • Premium Garden Mix

    Premium Garden Mix

    $60.00 m3
  • Organic Garden Mix

    Organic Garden Mix

    $58.00 m3
  • Greenlife® Garden Mix

    Greenlife® Garden Mix

    $57.00 m3
  • Droughtmaster™ Garden Mix

    Droughtmaster™ Garden Mix

    $60.00 m3
  • General Purpose Potting Mix

    General Purpose Potting Mix

    $88.00 m3
  • Organic Top Dressing

    Organic Top Dressing

    $57.00 m3
  • Turf Underlay

    Turf Underlay

    $55.00 m3
  • Native Low 'P' Mix™

    Native Low 'P' Mix™

    $62.00 m3
  • Sale Planter Box Mix

    Planter Box Mix

    $57.00 $51.30 m3
  • Peat and Planter Mix™

    Peat and Planter Mix™

    $65.00 m3
  • Complete Vegetable and Seedling Mix

    Complete Vegetable and Seedling Mix

    $76.00 m3
  • Top Soil

    Top Soil

    $59.00 Tonne
  • Nitro Top®

    Nitro Top®

    $58.00 m3
  • Nitro® Garden Mix

    Nitro® Garden Mix

    $58.00 m3
  • Sand-Soil Blend 50-50

    Sand-Soil Blend 50-50

    $59.00 Tonne
  • Sand-Soil Blend 80-20

    Sand-Soil Blend 80-20

    $59.00 Tonne
  • Structural Soil

    Structural Soil

    $84.00 Tonne