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Shopping For Sydney Mulch Supplies

Monday, February 20, 2012

When shopping for Sydney garden mulch supplies, it can sometimes be confusing. There are so many different kinds of materials that it can be hard to decide what to buy. Mulching gardens provides many benefits, but it is important to know what kinds to use and what options you have.

Lawn clippings can make very good mulching material for gardens. It is best not to apply fresh clippings, as they can clump and block moisture from entering the soil. Fresh clippings can become damp underneath and this may cause mould or mildew to grow in warm weather.

Before you apply clippings, get some straw from your supplier. Mix it in with the grass and throw in any leaves or twigs that are lying around. This will help break up the matting properties of the grass. In fact, let the material set out in the sun for a few days or weeks, before mulching.

If you want to keep out weeds, you may wish to try bark or wood chips. Some kinds of back and chips can contain toxins, and they should be allowed to sit in the weather for a month or so. This allows the material to cure and allows toxins to leach out. Whenever you use natural mulching material, keep it away from plants, trees, and shrubs. If it touches, you may get rotting. Apply mulching material about 7 centimeters deep or so. Also, it is best to wait until the ground is warm.

It is possible to use materials such as pebbles and stone for mulch. In fact, these material are perfect for most rock gardens. Rock absorbs heat and keeps the ground warm during the night. If you use rock for plants, mix straw or bark with it, and use recycled rock such as crushed brick for environmental concerns.

Hay or straw is effective natural mulching material. It quickly breaks down and delivers a lot of nitrogen to your soil. When using a lot of natural materials for mulching, it is best to check soil pH. When materials decay, acid is released into the ground. This acid can affect plant growth and can be counteracted with ash or lime.

When it is time to mulch your garden, your materials will make a big difference. Natural materials are best and they should be kept away from plant stalks and tree trunks. If you use your grass clippings, mix in straw to break them up. Mixing stone with other mulching materials will keep soil warm at night. If you are not sure which materials to use, consult someone that sells Sydney garden mulch supplies. They will provide professional advice.

Providing the best environment for your lawns and gardens to flourish requires landscape supplies from your retail outlet. Garden mulch will help to build up and feed your flower beds and food crops.


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