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Quarried Sands and Aggregates

Quarried sands and aggregates are used as a base for construction, drainage or civil works underpinning any significant landscaping project. Gravels and aggregates are more commonly used as a drainage medium or as a component in mixes or as a base for roadways, driveways and pedestrian paths.

ANL offer you a range of specialist sand and aggregate materials and supplies for the landscaping and building trades doing tiling, bricklaying, concreting, paving and any other construction work. Our extensive range of products is designed to be flexible, durable and suitable for all kinds of applications.

Choose to have your product delivered (7 days) or collect it yourself from any of our Sydney or regional locations. Offering exceptional value for money, you’ll find a solution for all types of budgets too.

  • This catalog has no sub-catalogs.
  • Brick Laying Sand White

    Brick Laying Sand White

    $63.00 Tonne
  • Brick Laying Sand Yellow

    Brick Laying Sand Yellow

    $63.00 Tonne
  • Paving Blend

    Paving Blend

    $67.00 Tonne
  • Filling Sand

    Filling Sand

    $33.00 Tonne
  • River Sand

    River Sand

    $71.00 Tonne
  • Sydney Sand

    Sydney Sand

    $64.00 Tonne
  • Paving Crusher Dust

    Paving Crusher Dust

    $57.00 Tonne
  • Road Base

    Road Base

    $61.00 Tonne
  • Sale Blue Metal 10mm

    Blue Metal 10mm

    $75.00 $67.50 Tonne
  • Concrete Mix Pre Mix 10mm

    Concrete Mix Pre Mix 10mm

    $77.00 Tonne
  • Sale Blue Metal 20mm

    Blue Metal 20mm

    $75.00 $67.50 Tonne
  • Re-Agg® 10mm

    Re-Agg® 10mm

    $42.00 Tonne
  • Sale Blue Metal 30mm

    Blue Metal 30mm

    $75.00 $67.50 Tonne
  • Re-Agg® 20mm

    Re-Agg® 20mm

    $42.00 Tonne
  • Re-Base®


    $43.00 Tonne